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Dispatchers and call center operators couldn’t work as efficiently as they wanted.

With a digital truck routing system in place, and drivers equipped with iPads, we still needed a solution to help call center operators and dispatchers move from their archaic paper systems, to a digital solution. So we built two enterprise applications to help them streamline both processes.
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For call center operators, we created software that prompts them to ask specific questions to donors in order to capture information quickly and create tickets.

Detailed analytics are gathered on each call and operator, giving leaders insight for process improvements. As a result of this software, the number of tickets created by each operator tripled within three months of integrating the call center into the DSS system.

For dispatchers, we built a web app that allows them to manage their truck fleets, carefully control and tweak routes created by the automatic routing algorithm, and gather statistics about the pick-ups. It also includes a map view that clearly shows each route, as well as the driver’s real-time location. This application has become the backbone of the donation pickup system, and is used on a daily basis by 100+ dispatchers throughout the U.S.
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