Examples of Our Work

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Modernizing an Entire Donation System

We built a custom, 13-app suite spanning multiple platforms to help The Salvation Army manage the entire donation process from donation scheduling to store sales.

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Simplifying Complex Routing for Dispatchers

We created a system that allows The Salvation Army to dynamically streamline their routing process for donation pick-ups.

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Making Pickups a Breeze for Truck Drivers

We built a mobile application for The Salvation Army donation drivers to optimize their daily routes, while providing accurate ETA information to donors.

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Enhancing Communications Between Teams

We built two enterprise applications for The Salvation Army to streamline communication between their call center operators, dispatchers and drivers.

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Using Heat Mapping to Advance Business Strategy

We created a heat map to help The Salvation Army understand where to focus on marketing, increase donor interest and maximize pickups.

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